Top SEO Tips

Top tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here are some tips in making a web site to appear on top of the search engine result. 

1.  Identify key words and associated terms for the most critical pages for your business:
List the terms that a user may use to search your web site.  Associated those high priority key words to the HTML meta data (keywords, description) in the most related and top level Web pages. Repeat those phases in the HTML body content. 
2.  Use unique terms for the more detail lower level pages: 
Use locality information (street, city, state, neighborhood), category, ... etc for the URL address, HTML title and other meta data.
3.  Use Clean URL: 
Use simple human readable URL without query string, session ID. Avoid many level of URL address like
4.  Use unique title for each page:
Use unique words/phases for the page tilte.  Keep it relevant but short. Put the company name (if needed) only to the end of the title. 
5.  Put natural language in the Web page content:
Put natural language in HTML context in describing the purpose of the page or any calls to action.
6.  Use <h1> and <h2> to headline section of information:
Use heading tags to highlight key section of information.  
7.  Include human readble text in anchor test:
This increases the ranking of the target page.
8.  Avoid duplicate and lengthly content and tags:
Search relevancy decreases with duplication. More is less in the meta data or URL address. Keep title, meta data unique. Use no follow attribute to ask search engine not to index the duplicated target.
9.  Concise meta description:  
Use a concise Meta descritption as a call for user action/response.
10. Create a sitemap:
Create and submit a sitemap to all key pages for searching engine to index.
11. JavaScript: 
Content displayed by JavaScript innerHTML may not be searchable by the browser engine. 
12. Put searchable text in the image alt field: 
Use serarchabe human readable field for an image's alt attribute.
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