Tips in making a Scrum process success?

Top tips in making a Scrum process successful:

Top Tips:

  1. Have a kick-off meeting to explain the Scrum process and the reason behind it.
  2. Don't pick and choose what to implement in the Scrum process.
  3. Executive needs to communicate the new direction clearly and forcefully.
  4. Determination and buy in are important to break old bad habits.
  5. Don't be discourage by the early glitch in deploying a Scrum process. Mistakes happen.
  6. Do not add un-planned stories to a Sprint. It safeguards the productivity and the momentum of a project.
  7. Be discipline. Start daily scrum on time and attendance is mandatory. Keep the meeting within 15 minutes.
  8. Encourage business owner involvement through constant demonstration and attendance in the Scrum daily meeting.
  9. Only people performing the actual work should speak at the daily scrum.
  10. Stick with the 3 basic Scrum questions.
  11. Encourage engineers in giving feedback in the product and sprint backlog.
  12. Follow up comments on retrospective meetings and make continuous process improvement.
  13. Having a scrum of scrum to facilitate communication on integration and overlapping responsibility.
  14. Always time box the length of a sprint.
  15. Encourage co-location of team members and verbal communication.
  16. In the first few sprints, under estimation on the story duration is common.  Don't over-react if it happens. 
  17. Use a spike to handle issues that are yet to understand.
  18. Scurm is a process of motivating people rather than tight control on project progress.



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