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Be proud of what you did not do as well as what you do in an IT project. Simplify.











Top 10 #1

Why are there so many IT projects fail after spending million of dollars? Here are some of the most common reasons in real life projects.


Top 10 #2

What are the most common performance and scalability problems for a J2EE (Java EE) Web application? Here are the...



MongoDB - a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented database. This guide covers the development, configuration and deployment aspects of MongoDB. IT includes replication, sharding, backup & recovery.

Hadoop & MapReduce

Hadoop framework provides mechanism for applications to process large amount of data in parallel on a large cluster. This tutorial covers the Hadoop common, Hadoop distributed file system and the MapReduce framework.


The Apache HTTP Server is an open-source HTTP server. It provides a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services compiling with the HTTP standards. Here is the guide in configuring and managing a Apache Web server.


jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery is designed to make it easier to navigate a document, select DOM elements, handle events, and develop Ajax applications. Read more to understand how to program in JQuery.


JavaScript is an implementation of the ECMAScript language and is used to enable programmatic access to objects within a HTML page.

Java Development

Java is a programming language developed at Sun Microsystems. This tutorial includes steps of building a Java project from scratch.

Ruby Language

Ruby Programming Language is a dynamic, interpreted programming language with emphasis on simplicity and productivity. This is an in depth learning guide for developers that already know other programming language.

Spring Web Flow

The Spring Web Flow is a Spring MVC extension that allows you to define controllers through configuration. It models user interactions that require several requests into the server to complete a work flow request.

Unix / Linux

The Unix operating system was implemented at AT&T's Bell Laboratories which is popular in Enterprise computing. This guide cover the bash scription, system monitoring, regular expression and the Ubuntu system.

Unix / Linux Commands

A unix command tutorial with the most popular and useful commands used in Unix and Linux operating system grouped by functionality.

Recent projects

  • Real estate search portal using LAMP
  • Social network with Spring & Hibernate
  • Weblogic J2EE applications
  • Data auto-feeder using Ruby on Rails
  • Data center with Amazon EC2

Other Engagements

  • 15+ Weblogic J2EE/EAI applications
  • 5+ SOA projects utilizing Web service
  • PCI compliance payment service 
  • Weblogic performance analysis
  • Oracle DB performance analysis
  • Architecture and process design
  • Code optimization
  • Weblogic & JVM performance tunning 
  • Physical topology design
  • Architecture & implementation review
  • Best practice on development & op.
  • SDLC process include SCRUM
  • 5 Million profile searching with Lucene

About Jonathan Hui

Jonathan Hui is an architecture & software development consultant with over 10 years of information technology consulting experience. Jonathan Hui's key strengths are in J2EE, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Oracle and MySQL development. During his tenure at InnoTrekker, Jonathan architected and developed a high throughput and scalable social network system based on J2EE technologies. Jonathan also developed LAMP based and Ruby on Rails applications for start-up companies using cloud computing.

Before joining InnoTrekker, Jonathan Hui was the Senior Principal Consultant in BEA Systems with focus on WebLogic and Oracle DB. Jonathan had provided consulting service over 20 clients including top financial institutes, telecommunication companies, life science and high tech companies. Jonathan built the Operation Center of Excellence consulting practice in the US western region, and received numerous BEA consultant awards and praises from the clients.

Jonathan is an innovator. He held 10 US patents for Canon Inc. While working as an Engineer Manager, his managed CMS system was selected as the products of the year in the Seybold Conference.